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Photography is an art, crafted to the highest standards from beginning to end!

Do you feel awkward posing in front of a camera, where there’s more equipment than a Hollywood movie set?

Most of my clients feel the same way, and so do I. My aim is to ensure that you feel comfortable. I offer a pre wedding shoot in an outdoor location, where you can relax and just be yourself. It’s about having fun, whilst I create a selection of amazing portraits. 

Doesn’t that sound more inviting than a very formal and structured photo session. You don’t have to book a pre wedding shoot, although my wedding packages offer a free session, the choice is yours. 

What if I don’t have the pre wedding shoot you ask? How will I get over my awkwardness during the wedding? Well, first of all, it’s my job to ensure that you feel relaxed. You don’t have to worry about the wedding photography, that’s also my job. I have a burning passion for photography, and a lot of experience with weddings. Worry doesn’t come into it for me, so I’m very relaxed on the day, which in turn usually puts my Clients at ease.

Over the months leading up to the wedding, I will spend time talking things over with you, covering what you require, likes, dislikes etc.  I’m mainly a documentary wedding photographer, who loves natural images, so the majority of the wedding  you’ll not be posing. You’re left to be you! 

When it’s time for the formal group shots, I’m organised and work fairly fast. This is to ensure that your guests aren’t hanging around. Most want to be at the bar, and catching up. Your day is about capturing memories and having fun. I’m not one to boss your guests around. Although there’s usually one or two guests who will provide a bit of banter, or like to misbehave. I’ve a good sense of humour, and enjoy a joke or two,  so can usually hold my own and get the job done.

When it’s time for the Bride and Groom shots, we will have already discussed in advance what sort of images you’d prefer. I always get set up first, especially for any creative twilight shots, so they’re not hanging around either. I will gauge it on the day, and give a little direction if necessary. More often or not I find that, by this time newlyweds are past their nerves regarding the ceremony, speeches etc, and relax into their photo session. 

Your wedding day and your guests are the most important thing to you, you want wedding photos to treasure for the rest of your life. I work hard to create those images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime…

By the way, apart from my burning passion for photography and my family, I love, music, travel, food, especially food! Oh, and a little dog called Archie.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my about page, and you think that I might be the wedding photographer for you, please get in touch !  Alternatively, use the contact form at the bottom of the page, pick up the phone,  or message me on FaceBook. 

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